Our mission

To make every company in the world a better place to work

About us

We help companies improve their productivity through their people. We provide the instrument which assesses the need, and the strategies to optimise every employee’s desire and ability to turn up and perform.

SHAPE is the Survey for Health, Attendance, Productivity and Engagement. The result of decades of experience in employee productivity, coupled with extensive customer research and scientific analysis, SHAPE unifies all the intelligence you need to improve people performance and drive employee value.

Founded by Dr. John Lang and Ali Khan, our background is in delivering hands-on company change through its people. We help companies understand the art and science of people performance. Through our work, we inspire actions that create sustainable behaviour change, delivering performance excellence at all levels in the process.


Dr. John Lang


John has over thirty years of experience as a leader in the field of employee wellbeing, including the establishment of the industry body, the Workplace Health Association of Australia, which he led for six years. The role of WHAA was to oversee standards and accreditation amongst providers, as well as to gain industry commitment for evidence-based practices in service provision.

John has led several organisations to market leader status in Australia, including Alere Health and Good Health Solutions, the latter achieving worldwide recognition by winning the most outstanding reporting category (global) at the prestigious IHPM awards in 2008.

John's background in both mathematics and medicine allowed him to develop the predictive algorithms that support many of the Health Risk Assessment platforms currently in use around the world. The application of these techniques to the SHAPE platform widens the scope from physical and psychological health of employees to include critical performance-related areas of culture, engagement, work/life balance, management style and other elements of the work environment.

Ali Khan


Ali is a healthcare executive and entrepreneur with expertise in the technology-enabled healthcare services industry. He is known for founding, developing, and delivering transformative health ventures that scale globally. Ali's experience spans over two decades, most recently as Co-Founder & CIO of next generation infectious disease diagnostics company SensusDx, Inc.

With a focus on designing and delivering a comprehensive toolkit needed to improve personal health and work performance, his services reach multiple country populations. At the heart of the services lie digital, data and advanced predictive algorithms. Ali is also an avid investor, and advisor to multiple start-ups, corporate and academic institutions.

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